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15 August 2023

Virtual Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) Signing Ceremony

** Collaborated with  AFA Strategic Consultancy"

TAR UMT and AFA Strategic Consultancy signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to foster collaboration between academia and industry. The virtual ceremony showcased the commitment of both parties to bridge the gap between education and business.

Key highlights included opening speeches by Prof. IR Lee Sze Wei, TAR UMT's President, and Mr. Eric Tiong, CEO of AFA Strategic Consultancy. The signing of the MOU marked the beginning of a partnership aimed at benefiting students, faculty, and the broader business community.

Delegates from AFA Strategic Consultancy, including CEO Mr. Eric Tiong, and directors Mr. Felix Chan and Mr. Chan Tzy Liang, expressed enthusiasm for this collaboration. TAR UMT officials, led by Prof. Ir Dr Lee Sze Wei, conveyed their excitement about the opportunities this partnership would offer.

In conclusion, the MOU signing signified the power of collaboration to enhance education and business practices, promising an enriched educational experience for TAR UMT students and innovative consulting solutions from AFA Strategic Consultancy.

5 June 2023

Virtual Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) Signing Ceremony

** Collaborated with Ma Chung University.

A virtual Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signing ceremony took place on 5 May 2023 via Google Meet. The MoU was signed by TAR UMT President, Prof. Ir. Dr Lee Sze Wei, and the Rector of Ma Chung University, Prof. Dr Murpin Josua Sembiring from Indonesia. The objectives are to strengthen the collaboration between the two universities in terms of sharing of academic knowledge and best industry practices, providing exposure to students and fostering partnerships and long-term relationships with one another.

10 May 2023

A Visit by UITM Segamat Lecturers to TAR UMT Johor Branch

** Mr. Oswald Timothy Edward, Dr. Muhammad Majid and Dr. Mohamad Faizal Ramli visitation.

This will be an initial point to start-up a collaboration between UITM Segamat & TAR UMT Segamat. By inviting these 3 reputable Senior Lecturers, it has given us an opportunity to also meet and welcome the Deputy Rector for Research and Industrial Linkages from UITM Segamat Dr.Faridah Najuna Binti Misman who made the function merrier by humbly joining us for the luncheon served by our very own Hotel Management students. They were accompanied by our very own TAR UMT Top Management and also Lecturers (namely Dr. Sam Yet Huat (Branch Head), Dr. Leong Pui Huang (Deputy Branch Head), Mr.Seow Soon Loong (Associate Dean For Quality Assurance), Ms. Claina Antonette (DSSH Course Leader),Ms.Tharshini (DACB Programme Leader), Dr.Wan Noazira (DASA Programme Leader), ,Dr.Hoe Yin Chen and Dr.Vincent Woo. 

20 March 2023

FIND-PATH as a Paradigmic Problem for AI and Symbolic Computation

*** Collaborated with the Department of Computer Science of Courant Institute of Mathematical Science at New York University.

This collaboration provides an opportunity for academics and students to enhance and sharpen their knowledge in the most recent advancements of AI and Symbolic Computation. The distinguished speaker, Prof Chee Yap is an award-winning  Professor from Department of Computer Science of Courant Institute of Mathematical Science at New York University.