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Lee Song Jian

Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons) in Software System - Graduate in 2022

Diploma in Information Technology (Mobile Application Development) - Graduated in 2020

"I would describe my learning experience at TAR UMT as enjoyable. I find it easy to focus on my studies and my lecturers are always enthusiastic to help students in solving their doubts. All staff and lecturers are very friendly, and they are willing to help students whenever we face problems. I am blessed to always have friendly lecturers in both my diploma and degree study journey, that we organised workshops and had lunch together after lectures.

My greatest personal achievement at TAR UMT was winning the Book Prize for diploma and degree, and receiving a TAR UMT Merit Scholarship (50%). Thanks, TAR UMT!"

Chong Xue Ting

Bachelor of of Business (Hons) Accounting and Finance - Graduated in 2022

Diploma in Accounting – Graduated in 2020

"TAR UMT has provided a positive learning environment, a conducive campus environment, and a vibrant campus life for each student. I truly appreciate the opportunity to have met approachable, caring, and dedicated lecturers during my campus life. Their guidance has helped me a lot in my studies while making me more confident.

My best personal achievement at TAR UMT was completing my Bachelor's degree in 4 years with a CGPA of 3.99. I am proud of this accomplishment and I will continue my effort to become the best version of myself. 

The experience I had at TAR UMT, Johor Branch during my studies was a memorable one. I will never forget what I learned from TAR UMT, Johor Branch. Thank you."

Ravinishwari A/P Ravishankar 

Bachelor of  Business (Hons) Accounting and Finance  - Graduate in 2022

Diploma in Accounting – Graduate in 2020

"I am so glad I made the decision to choose TAR UMT. The four years of my university life have been filled with a lot of memories with seniors, friends and meeting new people and lovely lecturers. With my parents’ support, lecturers’ guidance, and my own effort, I completed my degree with distinction and I was awarded the book prize. 

My journey did not just end there as TAR UMT offered me full merit scholarship to pursue my degree. I really enjoyed studying at TAR UMT Johor Branch for the past 4 years. Thank you!."

Teo Jia Min

Bachelor of Hospitality Management (Hotel Management) – Graduated in 2018

Diploma in Hospitality Management (Hotel Management) – Graduated in 2015

"I thoroughly appreciate and feel proud to be a student of TAR UMT Johor Branch because throughout my study at Johor Branch, the lecturers always build up confidence and positive energy for each student. TAR UMT Johor Branch Campus has good facilities and a simulation environment provided, such as a kitchen, mock hotel, etc., to let us experience each process more deeply. Our lecturers are professionals not just in terms of their knowledge and experience; they also keep us updated with the latest trends in the industry. The lecturers provide us with proper training, along with scenarios that may arise and how to solve the issues, rather than solely relying on what we study from books/notes.

Once I completed my Diploma, I continued my Bachelor's Degree studies at TAR UMT KL Main Campus. It also gives me a lot of opportunities to try and understand more deeply in this industry, such as a wide variety of careers that I can choose for my future."