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Lab Practical Work | Water Analysis

by students of Diploma in Aquaculture

Practical | Castnet

A casting net, also called a throw net, is a net used for fishing.This practical lets the students to experience with  different types of casting net used for fishing purposes.

Coursework | Water Analysis Equipment

by Tan Chui Ling, DAQ'. Students were exposed to different types of equipment for water analysis.

Final Year Project | Smart Plant Monitoring System 

DCIT student Chong Wei Sheng RSD3 took the challenge to develop his project with Raspberry Pi sensors.

Coursework | Bootstrap Bootcamp organized by ICT society 

Students from Bachelor of Information Technology (Honours) in Software Systems Development

Coursework | HotRing Society: Family Day & Charity Sales 

Students applied all the knowledge learnt from the courses in Diploma in Hotel Management.